Monday, July 24, 2006

Standing still while still moving forward…

Ok so posting Nekid Friday weigh-in on Monday, may tell you just how freak-a-licious this summer is turning out to be. Man, I love the busy, the absence of the TV and all the fun things that happen. I am almost afraid of the fall, and it is sneaking up way to fast. I hope things stay exciting and busy and as fun as they are now, but then reality sets in, DH will go back to work, Lil Boy Bean is in school 5 days a week, bedtimes will have to be observed, and so on.

So I stayed the same this week, 261. Now considering that I ate a bag of cookies on the weekend prior to the weigh-in, not too shabby.

This weekend has proven to be not much better. I went to the states I noticed the most magical thing. In every store whether shoes, clothes or entertainment, there is a candy stand. I was so excited to find my favourite candy Atomic Fire Balls, I pay .20 a piece for them here and I got a whole bag of them for 1.00 there. Americans, at least those in Upstate New York, love their candy. I think I have found my people.

I got a lot of great bargains. I am wearing the most fabulous pair of white sequined flip-flops today, along with some fabulous Old Navy togs. Yeah me. It was very fun and I think I need to go again. I would like to take DH next time.

I only ate one restaurant meal, but let me just say it is a good thing I don’t live in America, the prices were cheap and the portions were huge. Once again maybe this was just a Crackle Barrel phenomena but wow, dinner and a choice of three sides, not enough room on the table.

So I am back on track today. I am thinking two weeks on and one week off, is a good way to change things up and not let my body get too used to one way of eating, or maybe it is just an excuse to indulge in all my food I miss so much when I am low carbing.

So that’s all she wrote, I am on holidays next weekend, so I will try to post on Friday with the weigh-in.

I hope you are all keeping well and cool.

Bean – dancing to the magical tune that plays in my head


Blogger Rabbit said...

It is so hard to watch what you're eating in the summer. There are so many delicious things to tempt you during this wonderful season. The upside being that, at least for me, I am more apt to get more exercise in the summer to help balance it out than I am in the winter. I will see you soon. By the way, I think I am also partaking of the song that exists in your head!

7:24 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

Bean... where are you??? You are missed!!

6:52 PM  

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