Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Under the knife clarification

Lori had a question in the comments of my last post that I will address here.

I had weigh loss surgery (RNY) in October of 2001 at Scarborough General in Toronto by a skilled surgeon by the name of Dr. Ayers. I was in the hospital for 11 days and had no serious complications. It was a most unpleasant time but I was determined to do this and I grinned and bore it. When I went in for Surgery I weighed 347 lbs. I lost about 100 pounds with my lowest weight being 245.

I then had a baby, Mini Bean was born March 10,2003 and I put on about 20 pounds. I joined WW in November of 2004 at 266. My lowest weight on Weight Watchers was 239.5 on November 23 2005. I had my last cigarette November 15 of 2005 and put on 26 pounds until my next recorded weigh in on February 22, 2006 of 265.5. This is where I hover.

So here is where I am today.

What do I think the new surgery will do for me?
With any luck allow me to lose another 100 pounds and be a normal weight.

Why would this time be different?
Well there would be the initial weight loss that is virtually guaranteed by the surgery, but I think you mean, what would keep me from gaining?
Good question and you all know my mantra “it is not brain surgery” but a part of me thinks that maybe if I got to a place where I was no longer obese and was normal, maybe it would be different. It hurts my heart so much to have gone through what I have gone through and still remain obese. It seems like such a waste. I am so far away from 347 that I forget how much better my life is now. How much more energy I have and how when I reached 247 I said to myself, I don’t care if I ever lose another pound, I am so happy with the 100 I have lost. That euphoria has worn off and here I am once again looking a fix to take me through the next 100 pounds.

Also this is a different type of surgery with a better success rate than the RYN. It is the Duodenal Switch surgery and you can read more about it here

So there you have it.



Blogger Lori said...

Thank you! I personally think you should go for it. Weightloss is an extremely personal thing, and often "close" is not good enough. Emotionally people need to get to goal because they feel it wasn't an accomplishment. In honesty,loosing 100 pounds is amazing, but i know how you feel.

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