Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lets just start off by saying

Sorry about the confusion with the last post, all who know me, and yes that includes all you groove monkeys peeking in on me, should know by now that I am not the most focused of people. I’m here. I’m there, I’m everywhere. Just the way I should be.

So what is new in my lower middle class suburban life? Not a whole lot. Mini Bean is potty training and actually peed in the potty today! Go girl. I wish I had a digital camera to show you, but yesterday she was admiring herself in the mirror while wearing her pink Star Catcher pony leisure suit and her pink cat eye sun glasses, And she turned to me and said (please imagine just three year old lisp) “I look like a movie star “ to which I could only reply “Why, yes you do!” Where do they come up with this stuff?

Lil Boy Bean is growing out of everything. And just a question to you all out there, when did homework become the norm in Kindergarten? As he was crying at the table this morning because he just couldn’t get it (and I was too busy rushing around to give him the proper attention and patience he deserved ~ must remember to apologize when I get home), all I could think of was “how many years until I get out of homework prison” yes I know bad mummy thoughts, but come on, it can be all about me in my head if I want it to be. So there ~ you’re dead at recess… nanananana na

Amusing story, I am sure that I have mentioned before that hubby plays in a rock and roll band right? If not, he is the drummer in a band named Camels Hump – cover tunes and the like. Well they had their first gig this weekend in Kingston, and they have been trying to break into the market here for a while, so I took the afternoon off work and whisked the kids of to the grandparents and then got myself all gussied up and went out to support my man. So here I am at the bar with some friends from work and they boys play a slow song, so the bass player’s girl and I head out onto the dance floor to dance (like we always do~ minds out of the gutter girls, imagine friendly twirls and dips – strictly silly.) And some young men decide to rescue us from our obvious inability to get a real dance partner and cut in on us. So here I am – with at least 12 years on the poor lad that is dancing with me – and that is being generous! Well as he pulls me close he asks me where I work and I tell him, then he pulls me closer and tells me that he works at the hemporium downtown, and do I smoke weed. So I have to tell him that no, I gave it up when I had the babies… It was weird and awkward. He’s pulling me close and stroking my back, I’m pushing away and am probably as red as a lobster… what I want to know is when did I become an old lady prude? Too funny. It still makes me chuckle!

Another observation, going to the bar and not drinking does not hold the same appeal as really tying one on – but had I really tied one on, I would have been out back necking with the wee lad, so lets just say it was good to be sober. However, my groove thing is obviously fuelled by alcohol, because I think I resembled a very round Elaine Benes every time I was on the dance floor.

And yet I keep dancing!



Blogger Krista said...

LOL! Loved the stories!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

haha, aha we have something else in common, our significant others are both musicians. :)

3:40 PM  
Blogger snackiepoo said...

You always make me smile! I love your story.

4:55 PM  
Blogger ~Les said...

You are so hilarious! That story is priceless.

Oh, and DH is in a band? That's so freaking awesome!


5:26 AM  

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