Tuesday, May 23, 2006

If the weather were a person,

and I were a doctor, I would prescribe some bi-polar medication for it.

What a wonderful thing it is to be off work for three days. What a terrible thing it is to return. And return I did with another day spent in conference call after conference call. I will be so glad when this project is finished.

The wedding was a lot of fun and it was nice to spend some time with my friend and her family. I will admit that I smoked a few cigarettes. Bad Bad Bean. I have had none since, but let me tell you it is tempting. No head rush either, it was just like I had never quit. Cursed evil weed!

So we headed out to the campground on Monday to drop in one our friends, and I had a startling realization, that this is really not what I like. When you are using the outhouse facilities and get up and go to flush, you can bet it has been one long winter. I think if we could get a trailer it would not be so bad, but I am not looking forward to another summer of spending every other weekend sleeping on the ground and chasing after the kids and keeping them alive while my darling drinks beer. I will get over it, and once I am actually doing it, it will all be fine. The kids love it and can't wait to get out there, but I think perhaps when it gets a bit warmer. We had hail this weekend for crying out loud.

‘Lil Boy Bean had his first sleep over this weekend and it was a raving success. Now if he could just clean his room so I wouldn’t have to fear losing the boys in the abyss of toys that is his room, we could return the favour. Like mother like son. Jimmy Hoffa came to visit me July 30th, 1975 and hasn’t been seen since. I think he might be under that pile of clothes in the corner. Just kidding.

I have been contemplating telling you my purple kool-aid story, and if you promise not to get the wrong ideas read on…

I am in church on Sunday and they are singing a lot of songs about dying for your faith and stuff like that, and then I notice some scurrying about, and I was struck with this nutty fear that they were getting the purple kool-aid out. I believe in dying for your faith but come on I live in Canada, that’s not a real reality in my world. Issue averted, no kool-aid but I wonder about my church sometimes. They are a little out there, not that that is a bad thing, and I suspect that 80% of it is genuine, but it is the 20% I worry about. There seems to be a lot of mass hysteria and following that happens and I am having a hard time buying in and I refuse to ‘fake it’ and no one can tell me that that is a bad thing.

I still feel weird about posting that here, and I am not discounting God, please understand that Church is not God, and there is nothing weird about God, but when you get a bunch of people together for Church, whether you have a denomination or religion or whatever, oddness will ensue. God is cool, church can be a bit sketchy. And that’s all I have to say about that. Hey if you can’t tell your blog, who can you tell?



Blogger snackiepoo said...

I think it is right for you to question that. The only time I have ever discussed dying for my faith was when discussing the book of Revelations....the question of denouncing Christ in order to live or saying you followed him and being executed....and this is end of days type stuff so of course *I* would not denounce him then.

However, you are right to be a bit worried about the purple kool aid moments you are hearing about. We don't have much need to die for our religion here in America and anyone that does that is usually confused about what God really wants.

Okay well that is my opinion cause I don't actually KNOW what God wants, but I cannot imagine war or dying in his name.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

I don't get it-- purple Koolaid for communion? Representing blood?
I'm new here, great blog! I can't wait to read more, and thanks for your supportive comment today!

7:56 PM  

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