Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh the plans of mice and men…

You know last post where I went on about all the outdoor time I would be having and cleaning be damned…
It rained all weekend, cold wet drizzly rain. It is raining again today. So there was no groovy outside time, there was no bike riding bliss, the training wheels are still on and you guessed it, the house is clean.

Something about cleaning the house though, as much as I detest the job, I love the results. I love it when the porcelain in the bathroom shines, I love the floors looking clean, with no evidence of a sloppy cook and two kids who leave a trail of Freshie (Kool-Aid type beverage with a crazy parrot on the package ~ funny thing although I now only buy Kool-Aid as it is all that is available, it is always referred to as Freshie, some things from childhood refuse to die!) wherever they go.

My father-in-law an crazy aunt Marion came over on Sunday for supper and DH BBQ’d ribs in the pouring rain, and they were g double o good! I just deleted a huge rant about family that you can’t choose and decided it was better left unsaid. I can be such a bitchy-poo when I want to be. If only they were rich, I could justify being nice… (I think I just sprouted a horn!)

This weekend at church was good. I met some more people and had a good time. Sunday night was a service with a bunch of churches in the Kingston region and it was good to let go of religion and denominations for a while and just be children of God together.

There is a job posted at work that I think I am going to apply for. It has been almost 4 years since I had an interview but I need a change and it would be a great learning experience.

I spent some time with a 14 year old girl this weekend, and it brought back all kinds of memories about what it was like to be 14 and all the insecurities involved and how fragile you are at that age. I wouldn’t wish 14 on my worst enemy! All that anxiety about boys and peer pressure, yucky. I’ll take 35 with all the anxiety about boys and peer pressure, at least I can get in my car and drive away (or to the nearest pizza joint anyway!) Oh Bean your so silly!

Well this light and frothy post was brought to you by the letter “J” and the number “6”.

See ya amigos!



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