Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The princess and the PEE!

So to lose weight and be healthy you need to drink 6 –8 glasses of water a day, so I drink 6- 8 glasses of water a day. Good for me. Not so much… Bad for me, bad for the fact that while in the grocery store last night, while picking up a few things, I had to pee. TWICE. The kind of pee where it is suddenly – MUST PEE RIGHT NOW – or there will be a puddle. No big deal you say – there are public washrooms to facilitate this kind of thing right? You obviously have not had to pee at my local grocery store – sketchy at best, I have seen the clientele who shop there, I am afraid, I am very afraid. You obviously have not tried to do the sprint with 2 chillins in tow and a cart of groceries. Groceries you can’t take in to the bathroom, so you have to ask the five year old to watch the two year old while you dash to pee, and then fling open the door while you are washing and adjusting to ensure that no one takes off with your kids or worse reports you to CAS for leaving them unattended. Still I will drink and drink some more!

In other news come with me to the confessional:

1. I ate cookies last night. Not even good cookies – what was I thinking? I wasn’t. I was just eating and I couldn’t stop. I must find away to keep these treats in the house (for wee boys school lunch) and not eat them. I need to realize that cookies are not going to give me the love I need. Hell they didn’t even taste that good. Crappy Mr. Chr1st@ you make crappy cookies! They get in my mouth!

2. I love Atomic Fireballs, made by the Ferra pan company. I love them so much that I have to ration myself to three a day. When asked for what I want on gift occasions, it is always Ferra Pan Atomic Fire Balls. I may be addicted. 3 candies 2 points. I will give up wholesome nutritious foods for these candies, and in fact this weekend when I went to see my friend, part of the motivation to drive 4 hours there and back for one evening was the fact that there is a candy store on highway 11 that not only stocks them but is the cheapest place to buy them at 10 cents a piece. I dream of vacations not to warm destinations but to Chicago to visit the Ferra pan factory. I have a sickness. Fireballs are the monkey on my back!

3. I am trying to be nicer at work and not rant and rave and complain. This is hard and I am failing miserably. I wonder if this is like an addiction, admitting you have a problem is half the battle?

Well that’s all for now. I am still writing my food in the paper journal. So writing it here is redundant. Mind you I did have a lovely 8 point lunch – Wrap with roast beef and pastrami with baby green tomatoes and honey mustard and ½ a cup of grapes. Yummy. The thing about healthy eating is that it usually tastes better than the crap I eat when not watching. Maybe it is the mindfulness of it all.

Weigh in tomorrow.

Bean (a long time since I rocked and rolled)

“You don’t have to stay mindlessly tied to staked of wrong thinking and self-destructive behaviour." – Dr. Phil


Blogger Lori said...

The whole peeing thing does get old doesn't it??

3:05 PM  
Blogger dinah34 said...

i ate cookies last night too. i knew i was doing it too, but i just kept right on eating away. i think i had like 6 fudgeos. le sigh.

we will band together against the cookies and rise up above them!

3:07 PM  
Blogger snackiepoo said...

I have to stop drinking water at least 4 hours before a road trip or my husband gets so irritated with the hourly "pee stop".

Heh, I feel your pain!

6:18 PM  

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