Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I woke up this morning and the sun was shining and my mood was lifted.
I had a wonderful weekend, besides having to work on Sunday, which was lame but everything went well and there was much celebrating this morning as people were using the new system.

Lil Boy Bean had a wonderful time at Chuck E. Cheese. It was horrendously expensive, but worth every penny just to see the joy on his face. Birthdays are only once a year. Grandma got him a bike and he was pretty excited, so we will be getting out for bike rides after supper.

I love this time of year when the days get longer and you are more inclined to get ‘on your bike’ so to speak!

I purchased a new pair of running shoes this weekend, so it is back to walking. I have missed it, but without proper footwear I was just damaging myself. Loafers don’t cut it for the type of walking I was doing, and my old running shoes were making me bleed. Not a good thing.

So the eating has been off kilter this weekend. I don’t think I was too bad, but I must start tracking on the weekends. I know I am making excuses but I was so busy this weekend with the party and work on Sunday but back to tracking today!

I’ve decided that I am going to make a conscious effort to live in the today and not worry about tomorrow or yesterday, but here and now. I am tired of wasting my life, waiting until I am thin or rich or happy or any of the other things I think I have to wait for to start living life. If I keep waiting, one day I am going to wake up and realize that it has been a colossal waste of a life. I want to run and play with my kids now. I want to act silly with them now. I want to swim with them now. Not when I look amazing in a bathing suit ~ ain’t ever going to happen, when my thighs don’t jiggle ~ ain’t ever going to happen. When I am rich enough to buy back any incriminating photos of said bathing suit and thighs ~ ain’t ever going to happen. Today, Now, Live!

Bowel Buddy Update – much improvement in this area. I am happy with the results and the 4 points for this is well worth the benefits received. Two thumbs up! Now I just need to get over my fear/distaste for the at work poo. I am a work in progress, baby steps…


The above was from yesterday and I didn’t get it posted. (I am a terrible speller and like to compose my posts in word and then copy them in to the blog)

So now it is Tuesday, not much to report, we went out for an hour long walk/wagon/bike last night. It was nice to be out with the whole family. A good time was had by all. Weigh in tomorrow and I am hoping for good things.

Not much else to report, eating has been just OK but I am sticking within my points. I do enjoy the reverse journaling; it seems to be working for me. Now I just need to focus on counting/journaling every day and not just Wed-Friday!

I’ll update tomorrow after weigh in – keep your fingers crossed for me!

Bean (loving the signs of spring)


Blogger dinah34 said...

living for today is definitely very important. constantly thinking about the past or the future is not good for our bodies and minds (mostly minds).

i'm glad the birthday party went well. i can't for me little guy to be old enough to do stuff like that.

9:15 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

Glad you had a good weekend, Chuck E. Cheese is the best even though you have to take out a small loan to have a part there. I never knew a Mouse could charge so much for entertainment! Also am I the only one that finds the fact that this restaurant is based around a rodent, humourous? Usually if you found a rat in a establihment for eating you would RUN out, in this one you pull up a chair and eat with him! Not to mention watch him play the guitar and if you are lucky, you get to dance with him! Aww to be (or have) a kid again!

10:19 AM  

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