Monday, March 06, 2006

I have comments on the commenters

Yahoo... I have comments (see right there below some of my posts!). I am so excited. If you build it they will come. I just wanted to officialy welcome snackiepoo and lori as well as Dinah34. Welcome, put your feet up and stay a while. Love having you here. It is a double edged sword though, I can write whatever I want when I am under the illusion that no one reads this but me, I don't want to start writing to ensure that I am witty and amusing to my readers - (heeheehee, I have readers) but to keep it real. What I would really like to discover through this outlet, is why and I an overeater and why I medicate with food. Hopefully through self discovery, posting in this journal and following the journeys of others I will figure this out. I get so much inspiration from others on this journey, snackiepoo, AFW, Anne, Purl, Denise, Dinah34, PinkBunny FooFoo and others.. (I have book marked you Lori and will visit soon!)

Thanks for reading and come back soon.

Bean (in big trouble for posting twice in one day!)


Blogger snackiepoo said...

Well hullo love yourself ;).

I find that I was worried that I would write for an audience and maybe sometimes I do, but also a huge part of me really IS as gregarious as I seem in my blog so some of that is totally me as well.

I think that as long as we keep it real, people will definitely come to see the sideshow. Besides, I find your sense of humor to be awesome already.

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