Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How do you view yourself?

I have been mulling over this all night. Yesterday at work on two different occasions by two different people, I was described differently than I would describe myself.

Scenario One.

Me: I would sure like to try that job
Co-Worker: You would be great at it. You have a lot of charisma.

Scenario Two

Co-worker: I would love to see you with your kids. I bet you are a great mom. Don't you think she would be a neat Mom?

I see myself a a person just trying to muddle through. I am on a search for a purpose and trying to live life and just not go through the motions, but, I have a long way to go to get to that charismatic person and fun mom that others see me as.

I got up and walked today. Yeah for me. I think I need to eat something before I go to maintain stamina. Any suggestions?

This morning as I hugged my husband goodbye I just wanted to sink in to him and stay like that all day, but then my guard came back up with the trust issues and anger and I pulled away. I hope we will make it. I want to love him again.
Its not like he has done anything wrong, he is just being him, but for some reason that is not enough for me. I want more. More from my relationship, more from love and more from him. I want him to step up and be "the man".

Mondays Eats

coffee with cream 1pt
2 x muffetts 2 pt (tried fake brown sugar from Sugar Twin - not great but worth the 2 point savings from the brown sugar I was using)
2 x bowel buddy 4pt
3 x atomic fireballs 2 pt
wrap with tuna 6 pt
cup o soup 1 pt
2 x muffett with real brown sugar 4 pt (not hungry just eating)
cinnamon hearts 3 pt
pork chop 4pt
noodle 1 pt
salad 0 pt
cereal 3 pt
crispy mini 4 pt
chocolate 3 pt

-2 points in the kitty

Bean (trying to find me)


Blogger snackiepoo said...

It's always interesting to hear or see ourselves through the ears and eyes of others. People at work think that I am carefree, have loads of self-confidence and not a problem in the world. Heh, riiiiight.

But an even more interesting question is...whose view is more perceptive? Are we too hard on ourselves?

Geez, now I'm all Freudian and shit

12:06 PM  

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