Monday, March 20, 2006

Chicken Little... Rooster Big**

This weekend was so fun, but I will sure be glad when March is over. I got through cake #2 with only one piece consumed. Now that is only because I made it at home and transported to Mummy’s and left it there.
Now just one more cake for DS on the 25th and it is over until July! Have I mentioned that I love cake!

In other news, things are pretty much zipping along. My eating has suffered, as it seems to, when I am absent from the structure of work. I took Friday off to spend with the family, and although I am sure my eating wasn’t totally off kilter (hidden meaning: no binges) it is hard to reflect when I haven’t written it down. I am back on track today and feeling positive.

I am also realizing that if my weight and my financial situation are my two biggest issues then I am one lucky girl. So many people have so many other things they are facing, illness, poverty, homelessness, war…

I may be fat and broke, but I am loved, I have a home, I am never hungry, I have a family and I am not alone. Lucky me.

I am looking forward to Foo Foo’s book club and have reserved the book from the library. Overcoming Overeating by Jane Hirschman and Carol Hunter. I am reading It was food vs. me… and I won by Nancy Goodman. It is an interesting read as well.

I have been really enjoying the walking and trying to be consistent with it. DH is being supportive so that helps. I am finding that after the kids are off to be is the best time to go, but that eats into my time with him, so I hope the support continues. I have been so tired lately that we will sit down to watch something on the tube and in minutes I am dozing. We still have Season 2 of Corner Gas to watch, not to mention 2 more disks of the Twilight Zone.

Do you ever have one of those days when you just can’t get enough to eat, and you are eating and eating and still there is a hunger. Now I know that it is not hunger, I probably have not experienced true hunger in my life… something is eating me. Wonder what it is, too bad I am too lazy (or afraid) to delve deeper!

Here is what I have eaten today at it is only 3.30.

Now for the record I am aware of the severe lack of protein in my diet, and yes of course that could be why I am overeating… however here it is.

Bowel Buddy 4 pt (at home before work)
3 x muffetts with tblsp sugar 4 pt (breakfast at work)
bowel buddy 4 pt (11:30 hungry before lunch)
3 x muffetts with tblsp sugar 4 pt (lunch at work – too full from bowel buddy to eat cannelloni that I brought)
orange 1pt
2 x muffetts (2:30 snack – what is it with the muffetts!!!!!!) 2 pt

3 x atomic fire ball 2pt (throughout day)

21 points total
54 grams of fibre and still the pooper lets me down…
** muffetts are like shredded wheat Ingredients are as follows whole wheat (BHT has been added to the wax paper envelope to maintain freshness) 1 point per round and 5 grams of fibre in 2 rounds. Pour boiling water over them and add raw/brown sugar to them and presto! yummy comfort food without all the fat of mashed potatoes**

I guess I can take some pride in the fact that although I have been eating all day, I have not been eating chips and cookies all day, which would have been the case on one of these days, prior to my renewed commitment to health.

Monday Monday!

** My Darling Children watched this movie 5 times this weekend and Mini Bean now insists on being called Chicken Little... I not Hofie, I chicken little! I love my funny kids!


Blogger dinah34 said...

i'm also fat and poor, and sometimes i do have to remind myself that being fat and poor isn't the end of the world. i have a husband, a wonderful baby and friends that are all always there for me.

1:46 PM  

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