Thursday, March 23, 2006

C is for cookie....

Hello! I didn’t want to know, but a Big Mac has how many points? (12 if your guessing) How many grams of fat? (28 – hello might as well eat a stick of butter)

So guess where the family had dinner last night. We had these coupons so I thought I would just have a chicken grill or something, but the coupon stated (which I didn’t realize until I got there) that you had to get the same sandwich, and being the cheapo that I am I decided to eat the big mac. It was Ok but not worth the 12 points.

This reverse journaling may work for me though, because if I stay on my plan and don’t raid the candy dish – then I am on track to complete my day with 30 points consumed.
And that is with some very bad eating behaviour.

So Snackie and Foo Foo have been discussing hunger and eating patterns on their blogs, which has been interesting. I was trying to think about why six cookies got into my mouth when I arrived home from work yesterday. I wasn’t hungry (see lament about eating all day at work yesterday) but I think it was the sneaky part of me. No one was home and I had 15 minutes before the family would arrive home so I ate, first three and then with a glance at the clock, three more. Who was I hiding from? DH wouldn’t have said anything, the kids would have wanted to join me. Do cookies eaten under a veil of secrecy not count? Of course they do. Who am I fooling, no one. And then I wonder why the scale only moves ½ a pound. I need to start being honest with myself. Being sneaky is not an attractive quality. I would like it to not be a part of me. Sneaky eventually equates to guilt, and Lord knows I have enough guilt already controlling my life.

Food on the reverse tracking – Wednesday/Thursday

6 x cookies 5pt
Big Mac 12 pt
Coffee with cream 1pt
½ moon 3pt
2 cookies 2pt
bowel buddies 4pt
salad 0pt
dressing – ff cantilena 0pt
cup o’ soup 1pt
3 x atomic fireball 2 pt

It is 1:00 and my food is done except 2 fire balls – I may experience hunger this afternoon, but I can eat when I get home. You know, this just might work!

DH just called and he has supper in the crock pot so I won’t even have to wait a long time until dinner is ready or have to prepare it to boot, sometimes things just work out.

Keep well – thanks all for the comments. I a bit of a geek but I love it when there are comments. It gives me a thrill when I see them. “They like me, they really like me!”

See ya!



Blogger dinah34 said...

hey--that reverse journalling sounds neat. evening is my big problem time as well.

i'm like that with chips. i eat them when i'm alone, rarely with someone else. steve will buy a bag for himself and i'll eat them before he gets home from work. ugh.

11:23 AM  
Blogger ~Les said...

Glad reverse is going good for you so far.

I always think when I'm sneaking something that the person I'm trying to hide from is myself. Like my arse would not notice the cake and stuff I'm putting in my mouth. LOL!

Take care

11:44 AM  

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