Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Ugly Truth...

Well I got weighed in and as you can see by my fabulous new ticker, it was not a pretty sight. The last time I got weight at Weight Watchers I was 239.5 (November 23rd of last year). I am not going to beat myself up over these pounds because I did quit smoking and I a now ready to leave that excuse behind and move on.

At the meeting today we talked about recreational eating and how we need to find new hobbies. I like to knit, but it does not consume me and I get frustrated and drop the knitting and snack. I need something that consumes me, maybe a better knitting pattern. I am supposed to be working on a sweater for DH but I need to find a good pattern and just get going maybe as I make progress I will get consumed. I also requested a copy of the Learn-To-Knit Afghan book from the library. This might be the ticket!

So wish me luck. The journey officially starts tomorrow. I am pumped. I would like to reach my 10% during these 10 weeks. I will strive for this!

Licking my wounds and waving ggod bye to my new found pounds!



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