Monday, February 27, 2006

The next time I reach for the flour...

Somebody please chop off my hands. What is it about Chocolate Chip cookies that a girl can't resist.

We got semi snowed in on Saturday, so once the snow had stopped I figured that i would take the munckins and we would walk (aka me pulling them on the sled) to the store and get some snacks for them. We got about a quarter of the way there and decided that perhaps we should just go home and play in the yard. It was cold, it was blustery and there was 12 cm of fresh fallen snow that was impossible to pull a sled through. Maybe not impossible but man I would have never made it. (Please keep in mind that DS weighs about 80 pounds of solid boy!) So back we went, and I shovelled the driveway instead.


This did not solve the problem of three members of the family unit DS,DD and DH foraging for sweets and coming up empty handed, so I cracked out the flour, Criso and chips and made some of my chocolate chip cookies. Now if anyone here has made the Ultimate Chocolate Chip recipe off the Golden Criso box, you know the sugar smack I am talking about... pure bliss. I thought I could resist. As I was going to bed that night.. though the last few mouthfuls of my final cookie for the day, I said to DH., "How many cookies do you think I ate today?" to which he replied.. "Well you just ate three!" Whoops!

So here is the food log for the weekend for my own prosperity...

Friday Pre supper snack

1 cup froot loops 2 pt
2 cookies 2pt


3 oz chicken 3 pt
bread 1/2 multigrain 3 pts (per nutritional label)
beans 0 point
butter 1 point


popcorn 1 pt
cookies 2pt
fruitsnacks 2pt

5 flex used



coffee with cream x 2 2pt
egg 2pt
english muffin 2 pt
canadian bacon 3pt
butter 1pt


Orange 1pt
pear 1pt


2 slices wonder bread 4pt
2 cheese slices 2 pt


toast with Peanut Butter 4pt

Soup 2pt
pita 4 pt

6 chocolate chip cookies 12 pt
apple 1 pt
popcorn 1 pt

total 42 pts - 12 flex used
18 flex remain


2/3 cup oatmeal 4 pt
raisins 1pt
brown sugar 2 pt
2x coffee with cream 2pt

2 cc cookies 4pt

grilled cheese 6 pt
3 slices canadian bacon 3pt
ff baked 19 2 pt

popcorn 4pt
tortilla 4pt
cheese 2 pt
chicken 3 pt
sour cream 1 pt
salsa/onion/mushroom 0 pt

38 points used 8 flex used
10 flex remain


2/3 cup oatmeal 4pt
2 tblsp brown sugar 2 pt
2 coffee with cream 2pt

13 cinnamon hearts 1pt
grapes 2pt

campbell's veg soup 3pt
pita 4pt

haystack 1 pt
pear 1pt

I love the structure of work. I find I go a bit ballistic on the weekends. So now it is off to produce town to restock on the fruit and veg for the week. The kids could not get enough apples in them this weekend. So I am rolling with that and will make sure there are lots of apples and pears and oranges and grapes... Fruit - natures candy... plus I am craving cauliflower. weird I know!

Did you know that someone could call you "Fatty" at work and it does not fall under the 15 areas of discrimination in the Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Weird and typical.

Just wanted to also state for the record that I love weekends at home with the kids. I appreciate the weekends when they are away at their Grandparents, but man we have a good time when they are home.

Also just a tip Doogle... not the best movie choice!

Talk at ya tomorrow!

Bean (around the block a time or two!)


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