Friday, January 13, 2006

Well that didn’t go exactly according to plan…

So imagine it is a dark night, you are on a country road, you are passing a graveyard and your car dies. Sound like a scary set up for a movie? Nope, just my life. Yes last night we were the cliché of clichés and this truly happened. Thank God I had that little talk with DH earlier this week about being ‘the man’ and treating me like a ‘girl’. So off he slogged in the dark to find a phone to call the FIL whose house we just left! (Thankfully FIL is a mechanic, and we were there earlier dropping off our other vehicle for repair. So now we have his vehicle and he has two very sick Bean mobiles.

Just when you think you might be getting caught up financially Bamb-o … if it’s not one thing it’s another! LOL!

I won’t ever be able to divorce DH because of the FIL benefits. He can fix the cars and I can pay as I go. Life is grand!

Well I am embarrassed to admit that the 1st week in the pound-a-week challenge was a terrible disappointment. I suppose if I had tried I may have been more successful. But I am officially 258.5 today. Better next week, I am tired of heading in the wrong direction. I was giving myself a pep talk today along the lines of just do it. You did it before do it again. Get on points, start tracking, etc. So now I just need to listen.

Well that is all!



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