Friday, January 06, 2006

Well I did it and it wasn't pretty

I hatched this plan in my head to weigh myself on the 1st Friday of the New Year and that would be the start weight for my "Pound a Week" challenge. Well let's just say it was not the most pleasant experience I could have had. I was a whopping 257 this morning. Nickid! I could have accepted such weight if I was fully clothed, with a parka and winter boots on, but Nickid.... My oh my.

Now I realize that quitting smoking is important and important to my health, but come on. 10 pounds I could accept but 17. Enough is enough. I will formulate the official plan over the weekend and post it here when complete. But I think I am ready to shift the focus and return to healthy eating and weight loss. No pressure. One pound a week. Very doable. That would put me at 206 for the New Year and I could live with that! Do it again in 2007 and Viola! 155 a perfect weight!

On a more positive note I have been smoke free since November 15 2005. I rock!

I may post more later but I wanted to post the weight and the end of the day is sometimes crazy so consider it posted 257 Sheeezeeeeeeee.....


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