Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cranky Tuesday and suprisingly its not me....

Everyone I work with is cranky. Now before I continue, I must confess I work in an extremely poisoned work environment with some people who would be better off elsewhere. Ok anywhere but around me would be fine. Needless to say everyone is cranky, I am trying to not let it wear off on me, but tough to do. We have a staff meeting tomorrow and I was about to send the following list of agenda items when my co-worker (the ever present voice of reason) said you can't send that dumb ass, so I thought I would share here instead.

1. Rampant and spiralling unhappiness of the group
2. Division amongst the group
3. Certain individuals taking all the glory and credit and leaving the grunt work
to others. If certain individuals want to be Business Analysts they should be
BA's and not members of the User Test TEAM.
4. Writing a proposal for Flex Time
5. irrelevant garbage only someone who works with me would understand
6. Support from D- lacking
7. How does work get assigned? Why do some members have too much work and others
just walk around looking important and saying repeatedly that they are so busy
while actually accomplishing nothing!

So yes I understand why I couldn't send it but come on will things ever change? Now don't get me wrong every day I wake up and thank my lucky starts for this job. It keeps my family and I clothed, sheltered and fed and for this I thank the Lord. But it I have to hear that loud in taking off breath that indicates that the Queen Bee is in my vicinity many more times today, I may (probably not, but nice to dream) go and slap her hard.

Things at home will get better I am sure. I am communicating better with Dh trying to get him to understand my need to be cherished and taken care of even though I am the bread winner and strength in the house. I still need to be appreciated and have nice things done for me. I am tired of the constant responsibility of not only the financial well being of my family but the emotional needs and nurturing of them as well.

As for my pound a week. I am having a hard time getting started and formulating the plan. As far as I can tell it will be some kind of South Beach/GI Index thing. Good carbs etc...

More to come in the continuing and oh so boring life of me...



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