Thursday, December 22, 2005

One more sleep

and work is over. Now mind you I don't have the luxury of taking two weeks like some of my co-workers but it will be nice just to have 4 days off. And the Cape Crusader (evil co-worker) is taking two weeks off so it is like a vacation for me.

I have some holiday days left but thought I would carry them over for the summer when much fun can ensue!

I called my best girl fiend last night because I was feeling lonely and I was complaining about thinking you were important to people and then it turning out that you are not... she was totally ignoring me and dealing with her son while I was going on about this. I thought it was funny, and a bit sad.

It was nice to talk to her. Her husband has lost his job again and so will be working in Mississagua so maybe she will be moving there. She is having issues at her job as well so maybe...

Well gotta go, if I dont post before, have a very merry holiday.

Paeace and love.



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