Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It has been a long time since August....

It is not that I haven't realized that I have not updated, it is just that whenever I do something foolish like commit to posting more often, like a spoiled brat I stamp my feet and say You can't make me.... Well maybe that is not the true reasons, whatever the reason I am back. I do hope to post more, but I am a waffler.

So what is new. I quit smoking 4 weeks ago and have not had a cigarette since November 14th. Yeah for me. This is of course playing havoc on the weight loss front but the hell with it. I will be recommitting in the new year. As for now, one day at a time and plenty of Christmas goodies.

I celebrated a birthday and turned 35, half way to death. Just kidding! Not to much trauma there and I did get a fabulous hair cut/ dye job/ hi-lites. Best birthday present ever! I also got new gitch and wool with money from my FIL. My mom gave me money for a new Christmas tree which I picked up on Saturday.

The family is fine. We put up the tree last night and that was fun. Hopefully that will get me in a more festive mood. Right now I just feel pressured. Financially and for time and against these huge ideals and goals I set for myself that I never come through on.

Shopping is just about done except for a few things that will need to wait until payday on Thursday. Speaking of payday work sucks and as I sit here I wonder to myself.... If only someone would pay me as much as they do to not be here. I would be so much more productive.

I learned how to knit to combat the cigarette thing. I only know how to knit, no purling for this girl, and I only know how to make scarves, but hey I like it and I am a damn fine scarf maker. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas. I finished my sisters last night and I call it the vag!n@ scarf because it is very soft and pink.. I tried to tell someone about it a work today and they looked at me like I had two heads. What’s up with that. I expect everyone to get my sense of humour, and not everyone does. Ok I'll be honest, few people do...

Well signing off for now I will try to update more frequently. Odd, making promises on a blog that only I read. Oh well its my universe I can say what I want.

Love you all (ok I mean me)



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