Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The grind (and I don't mean some groovy coffee joint)

Hello all,

I guess I am among the few that have returned to work today. Let me tell you traffic and parking were not an issue today. After bickering with my hubby all day yesterday (we were both home) I am actually glad to be back at work and I got some actual work done. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have little distraction. I have also found that since I quit smoking my productivity has gone up as well, as I am not slipping out every so often for a smoke.

So how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was groovy. a nice time was had by all. The kids had a blast and enjoyed themselves a lot. I had to bring them home from Grandma's though because they needed a few days to unwind before heading back for much fun and festivities. My sister arrives from Red Deer today so they will probably go back out to Grandma's tomorrow to enjoy some auntie love.

I got a new sweater (pink) that I am wearing today that is quite lovely and I also got a gift certificate to Penningtons that I used last night for 50.00 I got a new sweater (blue) pants (grey with blue pin striped) and a shirt (black) that makes me look like the se@iest woman alive. Well in my eyes anyway. I just need to get a hot pink shell to wear underneath and my New Years outfit is all complete.

Lets talk about New Years for a bit. I hate it. I always have. I hate going out I hate the whole thing crowds, drunkenness, everyone dressed in skimpy sequins. Hate it always have always will. Well this year I guess I am going out with my sisters. The four of us. There is a ten year difference from the oldest (me) to the youngest (the twins) and I love them dearly but our idea of fun varies (mine pj's , snacks and girly movies) theirs (slamming back drinks and dancing like mad women) not to mention that we will be at the bar where DH is playing so I won't even have him to kiss at midnight or fetch me drinks. And to top it all off, I get to baby-sit DH friend. you know the one .. drinks himself to oblivion and then hangs off you all night wanting to dance and telling you how you are like a big sister. Yuck.. Same guy that said and I quote. I would rather f@ck them ugly than fat. Bastard.

Well gotta go. Quitting time. Wilmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



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