Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cranky Pants fit better than most...

Well today has been the ultimate day for cranky. Don't cross Bean or feel her firey rage. And the odd thing is it is rage. Pure and simple. Why I am not so sure but everyone is pissing me off. Ok not everyone but about 80% of the people I come in contact with.

Do you ever have that person at work who you think you are work buddies with and the they make it apparently clear that they could not care wether you live or die. I have one of those in my life. There were the three of us. Young fellow, pretty girl same age as me and myself. We hang out and I though we were all friends but not so much. It seems as if I am intruding on thier friendship and my ship has just sailed. I think I am jealous, but not sure why. I think I need a friend.

We also have this other person at work who is driving me nuts. I am sure you all have one at your work place as well. You know the one who is far to busy and important and special to even try to have a shred of human decency. I could write a novel about this one but I have already spent far too much time today hating her and envisioning a hot poker slicing through her to waste more time or efforts.

And oh yeah have I mentioned that although I work at a place funded by tax payers dollars, I am forced to work with someone who has been charged with ch1ld p@rn. I am also expected to be civil to this person, and my 'team' was all shattered when some of us decided that NO we didn't want to attend a Christmas party that the k1ddy p@rn king was also attending. FUCK! how screwed up can you get. Today I dislike my job.

But on the other side of the coin I get to go home to my loving family with two precious angels so excited about Christmas that they are vibrating. We have been spending some good family time this week with snow ball fights and snuggling on the couch to watch the Christams favorites.

My family should all be home soon. Sister from Halifax home today! Brother in Toronto home on Thursday and Sister in Red Deer hoem on the 28th. It should be a blast to be all together. My parents are so very happy to have everyone home and the grand kids (the vibrating ones mentioned above) are of the age where Christmas is jsut magical. This will be Hofie's first Christmas where she really gets it. Everything she sees advertised on television is followed by an "i want that for Kissmas" is that adorable voice of her's.

Knitting is coming along well. I have askjed for the knitting for dunmmies set for Christmas so I can progress from straight knit stitch to perhaps a purl or two, and maybe I can learn to make something besides scarves. But with all the fabulous wool out there why would you want to . Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas....

Well the bored bean is signing out. Not enough time to be bored this holiday season, but I like that better.

Also, I am in the market for a friend, Please apply at theboredbean@hotmail.com.

Over and out!



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