Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bean a long time, been a long lonely ol' time...


Holy negligence batman…. Sorry to have been away so long. As I am sure you are aware summer time is so busy. We have been enjoying the long nights and working on my “Beaches of Ontario” coffee table book. Not really, but I feel I could. I love having kids. It is an automatic “Get off you ass free” card.

Things have been weird lately. I am having some issues with my husband, that I am sure I will get into later. Needless to say it has been a bit tense around the old homestead.

Here’s a Shout out to Nicole… Yeah I am so happy about Jackson!

On the weight loss front, slow but steady wins the race, but only if you are heading in the right direction. I have gone up in small increments the last three weeks. See above (I hate being an emotional eater.) Some times I think I should take up drinking instead. But who has the time for that nonsense; at least with my drug of choice I can use anywhere. Doughnuts in the car, snacks in the desk, cupboard full of treats, and so many purveyors of fine delectables just waiting for me to me to enter the hallowed halls and exchange brightly coloured bills in exchange for a satisfying fix….

Mummmmmm Doughnuts!

Well I know, not as satisfying as one would hope, but that is all the entry your going to get today, I PROMISE to write more… really, I will!




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