Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Virgin Fat

Weekly weigh in with Weight Watchers and drum roll please... I lost 4 pounds. I am finding that tracking and using the points calculator is helping me immensely this time. Last time I was kind of slack about the whole thing. I am also trying to choose more protein and whole foods as opposed to using my points on junk... Now don't get me wrong I love the junk, and am not eliminating it all together but I am trying to make better choices.

So why the title virgin fat... After I stopped losing weight after WLS my lowest weight was 247. Today I weighed in at 246. So this is virgin fat. Fat that has been with me for a very long time. I am ready to say goodbye...

Food log

2 hard boiled eggs - 4 pts
1 all bran bar - 2 points
tuna with mayo 3 points
4 finn crisps - 1 point
pickles - 0 points
grapefruit - 2 points
2 tubes - 2 points

14 points left for supper and beyond.....

So the challenge for me is to stop eating when I stop moving for the day. We had a busy day yesterday. We had to go to my F-I-L's last night to pick up the sick and dying van and bring it home until it finally collapses in a heap in the driveway. He lives 45 minutes away, so after the drive and the visit and the drive back, we got home about 9:30. Tucked the kids into bed quickly and I settled down for the last bit of the AMAZING Race. So I thought to myself, self, I'm feeling kind of peckish, what would you like? So I sliced up a granny smith apple and ate that, then self wanted more, so I had a all bran bar, self still wanted more, so I had another All Bran bar... can we say binge people? Self said what I really want is popcorn, so I popped up a mini snack bag of that and ate it as well. Yes it was a binge, yes I should have just had the popcorn first and I would have been fine... but looking at the bigger picture. It was a binge on fairly good stuff and considering there were fudgesicles and Ah Caramels in the downstairs freezer. I'm giving myself a pat on the back. I only went over 4pts for the day did not go over on my 35 points allowance for the week. Yeah me!

So I start now with 28pts per day. I need more zero point food in my life!



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