Tuesday, May 10, 2005

So very tired....

Yesterday was such a great day at work followed by...this. I work for a large organization, and am a member of a large union. We are in contract negotiations and our Union Leader has today called for a final offer. This could mean that I will be out on strike. Oh vey. I have always worked for the Private Sector so this is very new to me. Hopefully I am wrong and this will all just go away. I started working here just after they returned from thier last strike and thought I would have more time to put in a contigency program. I guess every three years it is the same thing. The place is rife with rumors and speculation. I guess my thinking is this is something I have absoultly have no control over so I will NOT get myself all worked up into a tizzy over it.

I must not have ate as well today because I was having some serious issues staying awake this afternoon. I even made myself a coffee. Tomorrow is my first official weigh in since restarting Weight Watchers. I am hoping for some success. As of today I have only used 29 of my weekly points allowance and am making some good food decisions. I have packed a lunch every day since starting this and am trying to be mindful of what goes in my mouth... for example my food log today starts with...

num1son's crusts - 2pts (why can't I just toss the things)
egg whites - 0 pts (num1son decided he didn't want hard boiled eggs after all)
bran bar - 2 pts ( I just wanted it - having issues with storage...if you know what I mean)
1/2 a bannana - 1 point (the princess insisted on it took one bite and then stated no bannana so of course I wrapped half and ate the other half

Not bad you say but this was even before I got out of the door to go to work....

At work because today was so mind numbingly boring I took to snacking and had:
4 finn crisps - 1 pt
1 apple - 1 pt
tuna with mayo - 3pt
breakfast pita - 3 pt
chocolates - 3 pt ( I could have had my daily point allowance on these alone but managed some self control)
tube - 1 pt
4 finn crisps - 1 pt

So I have 12 points left to get through the night - definatly doable....

Well thats all folks... gotta blow this popsicle stand...



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