Thursday, May 26, 2005

Points ahoy!

What is it about the shoes you wear that affect you attitude? Today I was wearing my pant boots. They make such a nice authoritative sound when I walk down the hall at work. They also have a heel, which makes me stand different. I feel better when I wear these boots. I walk taller and keep my head up. In my mind I am a hot mamma!

Today was a good day at work. Not much accomplished but my favourite co-worker was back from a mini holiday and it seemed to make it a better day. I’m over my snit and am trying to rein in my impulsive and critical comments. I am focusing more on “this is my job”, not “this is my life”.

Had a wonderful time last night with kids and hubby. Little Princess and I went grocery shopping (where she proceeded to eat so many grapes before we paid for them, that I felt bad enough to tell the cashier…) then home again for baths and bed. Then hubby and I watched a couple of episodes of Angel (this is the last season. I am so going to miss them. We buy every box set so I guess I will have to just watch them again.) I rubbed his feet and tried to let him know how special he is to me. I am just afraid that I take him for granted and I try not to. I have been reading a couple of blogs and and I realize how good I have it. I guess this is why I have been appreciating him so much these days. Not to mention that he allows me to be the bread-winner, while he takes care of the kids, drives school bus, keeps the house from dissolving into total chaos, and plays in two bands. Don’t get me wrong he is far from perfect and can annoy the hell out of me… but I got it good.

So eating today was a bit bizarre. I was doing great then the snacks came out and I could not refrain. So I am at 24 points consumed of my 28 daily points and it is not yet 5:00 pm. Bad! Bad! Bad! Thank God tonight is veggie burger night. Throw in a side of English cucumbers and I should be on target for today. And I still have my flex points.

Well that’s the report for today. Have a good one.



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