Friday, May 06, 2005

Like anything else in life

...I will obsess over this blog until it is no longer new and shiny, then like a two year old I will go on to the next new and shiny...

Benefits... my blog gets some content. Downside... not so much. I posted some of my favourite blogs in the links section. I check these sites often and feel as if I know these people, even though I don't. Mind you shrinking girl and I live in the same city, so maybe someday our paths will cross.

I'm bored. Bored with work, bored at home, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. I need some excitement. I have even started flirting with the IT guy at work to add some fodder to my fantasy life. I don't think he has noticed. Ever noticed that when you are bored you eat more. Hummm direct correlation to flab on my ass...perhaps....

So more about me... because it truly is all about me. I am 34. I weigh 250 lbs. I live in Canada. I am married to an awesome fellow. (today he is awesome - tomorrow? its a crap shoot really) Married life, need I say more. I have a five year old son and a two year old daughter, they are wonderful kids. I especially think this after watching Super Nanny. I have a job that I am indifferent about, but it pays too well to risk it all to follow my dreams... which I don't really know what my dreams are anyway, so it is all very convenient.

I am baffled by the "way things are" but to lazy to do anything about them. I am an emotional animal and wear my heart on my sleeve. I am too outspoken and often cross the 'appropriate' line. I love the CBC on Saturday afternoons. Blue Rodeo, Sarah Harmer, Amanda Marshal and Jann Arden are a few of my favourite musical selections. I came from a family of five siblings and I am the oldest.

and that’s a wrap...for now.



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