Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Is this grade school?

Well reality sets in and it is back to work for me again. I had a disturbing thing happen to me at work today, and it set me off in to a snit. I sometimes wonder if I am too sensitive or if I overreact or what. The story is so lame and I am so reminded of public school every time things like this happen but I will share it anyway. I just need to vent and seeing as I am the only one who looks at this blog, I’m going to vent.

So we have this guy at work, who has been charged with possession of child porn. He works directly in my department and I sit kitty corner from him. Needless to say this is an awkward and difficult situation. I have two small children. Since he has been back to work, I have not spoken to him, or in any way went out of my way to make him feel comfortable. Hello? Why should I? He is a sick individual. (Charged but not convicted court date keeps getting remanded) More rants about tax payers money, letters to the editor, and how stupid life can be later… back to the story…. So as time goes on this individual gets more comfortable in the work environment because people are I guess forgetting …whatever… I mentioned to one of my co-workers the other day that the more he makes him feel welcome, the more welcome he will be and this is not the objective. This guy is a criminal in the sickest way possible. Why make him feel included or welcome? So anyway this co-worker (the one I said I thought was being too friendly with the sick-o) has been very abrupt with me the latter part of last week, so today I confronted him about it He was mad at me for what I said to him about how he was being friendly to the sick-o and how I thought that this friendlyness encouraged the sick-o to be more at ease at work.

Maybe I was wrong. I should have kept my opinions to myself but Hello! People! this guy should not be at ease… he should not be at work! Direct your anger in the right direction buddy. I hate this bullshit.

So of course I apologized… And my day was basically ruined because I am so pissed off. People suck.

On the weight loss end of things… this weekend was a write off for eating, and tomorrow will tell the true story of the damage I did. Had a great time at the resort and on vacation from the kids. No regrets.

I am not posting points because they are through the roof, but I will report in tomorrow on the results from the Weight Watchers at Work Weigh in. Long weekend edition….



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