Friday, May 06, 2005

The first post - a monumental occassion.

Well I figured I spent so much time reading others blogs that I should publish my own. I think I will use this place to journal my many struggles and issues with losing weight, being a wife and mother, and my journey to figure out who I am outside the confines of my roles. Don't get me wrong... I love my roles. I would just like to give myself the starring role (ok, once in a while at least).

I will be keeping track of my weight watchers progress here as well. I made a startling discover yesterday that cream has 1 point per tablespoon and considering I had 4 coffees before I had even eaten anything for the day... Bam-O 8 points gone, just like that! So this morning it was skim milk in the coffee. Not quite the same but damn it I would rather eat my points.

I will be whining and trying to find insight within myself regarding this life long struggle I have had with my weight. A journey that included Gastric Bypass Surgery... yes I am still fat. Not as fat, but fat. Just thought you should know that. Highest Weight 344 lowest weight after GBS 247. Highest Weight post GBS 266. Current weight 250. Just the facts. Well that is all for now.



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