Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Atomic FireBalls....my drug of choice.

It’s been a while since I have written, but thought a update is was in order. I’m back to work today after a three-day weekend. It is nice to be back but I sure did like being off. I got the house cleaned on Sunday, only to have the kids return from the grandparents and destroy it in a matter of seconds. It was like watching a train wreck. I could only shake my head and mutter…. Why do I bother?

Eating this week has been an adventure. My darling after much prompting and cajoling brought me back some Atomic Fireballs while he was playing out of town. Those suckers are a point a piece, so I have been trying to savour only one or two a night, and trying to stay out of them during the day. I could easily eat every one of the 100 he brought me by tomorrow, but I am choosing to refrain.

Weigh in is tomorrow and here is how the week shaped up…
Wednesday – 30 pts – 2 flex points used
Thursday – 30 pts – 2 flex points used
Friday – 28 pts used – 0 flex points used
Saturday – 34 pts - 6 flex points used
Sunday – 35 pts – 7 flex points used
Monday – 40 pts – 12 flex points used
Tuesday – 18 pts as of this minute more to come

All in all, not a bad week. I am still trying to make healthy choices. My darling FIL bought us Chinese food on Sunday. which was delicious but high in points. Monday I just couldn’t stop snacking! I find I do better when I am in routine, but when I am off work I tend to go a bit overboard.

Just a factoid for all you Canuck friends out there… that new Chocolate Cheese cake you see advertised by Tim Hortons… Beware 578 calories and 29 grams of fat – 14 points for that sucker… I took a deep breath and walked away from the cheesecake. I just couldn’t justify it.

See ya



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